February 26th, 2004

Pluto close up

Loving Brian is the hardest thing in the world...

It really is. I have to support my love for my Kpop god while trying to get past the moronic decisions that he or at the very least his management make him do. Case in point: I finally watched the 37 Minute FttS concert type thing that I downloaded on tuesday but just couldn't find the time to watch till today... and it's all good, I suppose. I mean, they only sang first album stuff, but they had second album look. If you've seen first album *and enough of you have, because I shove it down your throats very often* you know how bad it is, and while second album isn't exactly the best thing in the world... it is much better than the first album shit. Fany had blond ass hair, though... it was creepy. Anyway, they sing, they get solos, and its all good. Especially that duet they do covering Mariah Carey's 'Hero,' I love Brian... so much.

But, no, HIS solo is doing N Sync's Bye Bye Bye. Do you realize how hard it was for me to watch this man that I worship on a basically hourly basis sink that low? He goes and sings a fucking N Sync song!!! WHY, BRIAN, WHY!?!?! Of course, he actually SANG it, so I didn't have to put up with hearing the talentless bitching of one Justin Timberlake, but the premise remains the same. Brian Joo tainted himself with american boyband music, and I did not like it. He was born here, he grew up in the 80s... seriously, why couldn't he cover like New Kids on the Block? I would have SO accepted him doing a cover of Step by Step. Hell, I want him to do a cover of Step by Step now that I'm thinking about it. Vanessa, you're with me on this one, ain'tcha? We sport the New Kids love... well, not really, but it's an amusing throwback to the days of yore.

Overall, the concert was very good, and I await burning it on CD to give to Vanessa when I go home in three weeks and then she can make it on VHS and she can sport the FttS love because there is so much to love about them overall.

But, really, that was just... wrong. I'm going to do some Icon shifting, because I miss some of the old ones that I had. Some Brian will be gone, at least two...
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