February 25th, 2004

Pluto close up

I'm a bad writer

Yup... I'm a horrid writer. Got an e-mail from some guy that said 'you're a bad writer.' Of course, it really said 'u r a bad righter' and had an attachment that was a virus. Ayl told me he got one yesterday so I was aware of the trickery.

Another interesting tidbit is that chico bgathroom stalls are apparently the place for intellectual writing. No, not really. Fucking idiots post the STUPIDEST shit on the face of the planet...
Pluto close up

Soon, my beloved... soon

My CDs shipped today. They should be here by the end of next week at the earliest and the middle of the week after that at the latest. It will be a good thing, for I will have the KPop to love and the Brian to stare at. Maybe the FttS album has pretty pictures. Pretty pictures please Set very much, they do. I could get another chapter of GH done tonight, and I might, but maybe not. Depends on my mood in a couple minutes. I just got done writing a response to one of my classmate's story, it was pretty good. It was certainly better than some of the other ones, and at least it didn't have that fucking drug and sex and booze theme that everyone seems to love writing about so very much. I know I shouldn't be so limited in my loves for creativity. The shit I write might not be all that interesting to most people... but, you know, I like it. Still, I'm allowed my opinion as much as they are theirs and I do not like the stories that center around those activities.

If I wasn't the most supreme prude on the face of the planet... I'd think I was a bad person. Poor Sara, she was feeling really sickie today. I like Sara. She's pretty, nice, funny... and taken. Bastards. All the good ones are taken. Of course, I don't know much about her life, for all I know she could be like almost all the other girls in Chico and be fucking whores that love putting out. Yes, I'm judgmental, but I'm pretty damned justified in my judgmentality.

Spent an hour with Kelli today. I love Kelli, I really do. She's one of the good people in Chico. We love just rambling of the ways. She said that puppet Angel was damned amusing AND he turned into puppet vampire angel... that must have been pretty funny. I would have laughed my ass off if I saw it. I met her little brother, too. We didn't talk, but he seemed okay. Again, I usually have pretty bad first impressions... but that's what I got from him. Of course, if he's related to Kelli how could he NOT be a cool person? These things I do not know...
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