February 23rd, 2004

Pluto close up

A great thing about college...

Is the fact that I don't have to go to class if I don't want to go to class. Tis a wonderful wonderful thing that I enjoy oh so very much. Yes, I skipped my 11 AM class, but only because I was talking to David and we were having scores of fun just rambling of the ways and then I would have been late to class and I have a rule, NEVER GO TO CLASS LATE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like beyond evil. No, really. Beyond. Evil. I hate it when people come into class late, so why would I do the same thing? It wouldn't be right, and that would be bad.

No e-mails in almost 12 hours. No one loves me.
Pluto close up


I saw my freshman roommate today. We didn't talk, we just saw each other and waved. Goodie. Really, though. I'm damned happy we didn't talk. It's not that I think he's a bad person... I just don't much like talking to him. Which is sad because he does like me... or something. Not like as in like like, but like as in not hate wouldn't mind spending time with like. I don't like him in any way, I merely find him tolerable in very small doses. I'm horridly judgmental, I know.
Pluto close up



I've been reaffirmed in my hatred of sex. Maybe dying a virgin really wouldn't be that bad. I could have the kids insiminated... or whatever. Sex... fucking Larry. I swear, if he didn't HAVE sex while I was sleeping (and then waking me up, mind you), on my birthday, at night, the day before we left that fucking EOP program... everything would have been okay. Well, maybe not, but I doubt I would have been as disgusted by the activity as I am these days. God... the shadows, THE SHADOWS!!!!!!!!! Those horrid shadows and the thrusting... aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

See, trauma!!! And I'm not talking Ayu trauma, I'm talking BAD trauma. Fucking Larry fucking Britney... Fucking Britney fucking Larry. He's gone now, though, and that is a small reward. Jeremy, for all his faults, never had sex in the room. He and his 'girlfriend' slept together and made kissy face, but they never actually did ANYTHING in our room. At least he had some respect for me. Not enough to store a bunch of fucking booze in the room almost all the time... but I couldn't be too picky. Booze I can handle. The RA's knew I was the angelic choir boy of... well... probably the school... so... they would have known that I had little to do with that. I mean, I still would have gotten in trouble, but my name wouldn't have been dragged through the dirt. The sex thing... gross. BEYOND Gross...

Yes, I'm like a little kid in that respect.

No, I don't care.
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