February 21st, 2004

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What Owns Set Fully???

SM TOWN!!!!!! The Korean label can really do no wrong. Okay, it can do plenty wrong. It can break up SES. It can make Hee Jun famous (He was the LEADER of HOT... I'm so shocked)... and it can do many other bad things like give Fany so much more screen time over Brian the bestest person ever. BUT even with all of these faults, SM town is still the greatest god damned company on the planet.

Until they let FttS break up, and BoA leaves... then I will not be happy. But I will look upon these times and I will smile...
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I almost cry

Every time I see SPEED's April video... I just love it so much. I NEED that video, but Kazaa is evil and does not provide. It really doesn't have any SPEED videos and it really pisses me off. The way that they sing and they show the clips... damn, that is one fucking good song and vid.
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She's going to take over China...

Boa will move past Japan into China.
On the 14th at the 2004 MTV Asia Awards, after recieving "Favourite Artist Korea Award" and "Most Influential Artist Award", Boa held an interview with China's mass communication saying she will "Begin activities in China this year."

Boa who is now kown as "Asia's Pop Diva" rejected an opportunity to America's pop market and decided on China. Boa commented "If I become number one in China, then it will be the same as becoming number one in the world" and "I've started the engine in grabbing the attention of 130 million Chinese fan's ears"

SM Entertainment who recently created 'SM Japan' in Japan will now be creating 'SM China'. SM has stated that "If we succeed in entering the Chinese market, we will be able to gain populairty from the immigrants residing there and it will be a faster way to enter the world market" showing the importance of this issue. Furthermore, SM added that "Over the years we've seen a great possibility in succeeding through various marketing actvities."

Boa will release an album in April and will take part in many concert activities.

My baby, I will support you in anything you do. Looks like I'll be getting into C-Pop now...
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Who Loves Joo???

I do, I do!!!! Because I am an extremely easy person to push over, especially when being told by the man that I worship as a God that I should not be downloading MP3s (which, I mean, I'm not... I'm downloading WMA files and then CONVERTING them to MP3s... but I still feel dirty)... so I go to Yesasia.com, because it is a good thing and it gives me many things that make me very happy... and I order FttS volumes 2-4, SES Volume 5 and then I'm like 3 bucks away from free shipping... so I'm like "fuck, I want free shipping" and so I go and order Sea (Bada)'s album Day of Renewal. So, there, I have given money to some of the people that I steal it from when I DJ!!!! And I am a better person because of it.

Now I can tell Brian that I own his albums and I paid for them... and he can say he loves me. He won't say he loves me... he'd probably run away from me... but nonetheless...
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