February 20th, 2004

Pluto close up

The 50 Icons

They are gone!!! GONE!!!! Alas, I didn't use all of them anyway. It was fun while it lasted, and I do thank that lady that bought the feature for me. She's not on my friends list or anything, but still, thank you. I didn't lose all that much. A bunch of BoA Icons, a bunch of Comic Icons... nothing entirely dire that I would die without. Besides, I still HAVE the icons, I can just replace them as I see fit. I DO miss that really pretty Betsy, so when I get around to it I'll probably go and switch them.

My AIM was being its uber bitchy self earlier as it was last night and boy was it pissing me off. I swear, the purpose of AIM is to anger me. And the Radio is being really strange, or at least the DJ who is DJing is having computer issues. But, guess what, that DJ is currently away... ain't it great? No? I didn't think so either.

I also don't think that having to type out like 27 SES songs on a single album is much fun either. The things I do for my girls, who aren't even together anymore. *sigh* I am so whipped, I know. I start in an hour and a half with some change. While I am doing that, I will write more of my GH story and once that is finished I will get a headstart on the HW because I need to do the HW!!!

I finished my FAFSA, let us hope that everything turns out okay and I get lots of money from Uncle Sam. Of course, my governator probably fucked me over when it comes to the Fin Aid. Damned Governator. I was thinking about him today during my class, the most inappropriate time in the world to think about him, but nonetheless. I was thinking 'wow, California is still in one piece and he's been in office for like 3 months.' To be fair, I haven't even READ anything that he's done in a long time. Apparently it isn't that important.