February 19th, 2004

Pluto close up

The World...

Is intent on keeping me away from good Jpop Mp3s that I can't find over at asianmusicnetwork.com *sniff*

Also, this is the funniest line I have read in a loooooooooong time "Beat up the meddling jealous woman! Beat up the foreign loudmouth with false, deceitful hair!"

Birds of Prey #64, talking about Black Canary (who is not black, and dyes her hair blond), oh, lovely Devin Grayson...
Pluto close up

Ian was right

Ian is my friend who works at the comic book store, has been my friend since I was a wee freshmen and saw the comic book store for the first time. Anyway, like myself, Ian is an English Major and a Creative Writing minor... and I was saying that most of the stories that I am reading in my class are about drugs and sex and other icky naughty things that I do not like at all. He told me that it was the way things went in that class, but the next class is when people finally get it out of their systems. I look forward to getting into that next class, for this stupid drugs and sex and other icky naughty things is really starting to piss me off. Although, to be fair, I did like the drug story that I had to read for Friday, mostly because the drugs were very secondary, although they still played a big part in the whole thing. Nonetheless, I enjoyed that particular story very much.

Hope the others don't stomp on it like they stomped on mine. I still have nightmares... no, I don't really... honestly... swear!!!!! I did the writing that I need to do, the reading I need to do, and general other things that need to be done. Now I am all caught up and I can write another chapter of my GH story which makes me a very happy person because I love writing my GH story, so much angst... mmm, angst.

I've decided to use the old semagic because the old semagic actually works whereas the new smagic sucks so much ass that it refuses to post anything that doesn't involve working with more than a line of writing. Gods, how I hate that. It's even more evil than the demon known as fanfiction.net, and we all know how much I complain about that evil satanic thing. I made my playlist for tomorrow (I've got a shift from 6-8 pacific from hereon in it would appear) and I have nothing but Kpop which makes me somewhat sad because I love my Jpop very much, even thought I love the Kpop more. I listen to more Jpop, though... I do. I watch the Jpop music channel on my winamp religious whereas I almost NEVER watch the kpop one. To be fair the Kpop channel is often riddled with trouble and general ways of not working at all which angers me very much. I still miss talking to Vanessa, she never talks to me anymore waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I get no love.
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