February 17th, 2004

Pluto close up

Mixed blessings

BRIAN IS DEAD!!!!! No... not Brian Joo (god, I would be crushed if that Brian died... CRUSHED!!!!!!! Never die, Brian... never... never never never never never!!!!) but the stupid GH character Brian Beck, he is dead!!! REJOICE!!!!

Speaking of the Joo Boy, I got some clips of him and that OTHER guy... yeah, that other guy... at some random Korean High School. The girls... they scared me. Really, they were acting like fucking morons and interuppting everything that I loved about FttS. Damned rabid fangirls...

Of course, if Brian came to my school, I wouldn't be any better. Okay, I would... but not by much. I'd be able to keep myself contained around Fany, that much is certain.

So, with FttS related goodness and the death of the horrid GH Character (Nik isn't going to die, Carlos. He'll be up and well by the start of next week) what could bring me down?

RA Class, of course. I have to put up with smugness for three hours and bright happy people. I hate it. at the end of the day that will be six hours of my life that RA class has stolen from me and I will never get back. Gods, I hate the way they try and make everything look all goodie goodie. Dammit. The reason I WANT to be an RA is because they need people who aren't fake, who will be honest with their residents. We had a lot of those people last year, they were good people. Granted, not all of them were good RAs, but I digress.
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Pluto close up


They may be getting rid of Tim Drake as Robin... well, actually, they ARE getting rid of Tim Drake as Robin, but I don't know if that means he is going somewhere else, I know he isn't dying. I'm like... so shocked. He's been Robin for over a decade, and we LOVE Tim. I love him more than I love Dick. So shocked.

Also, the GH story has gotten over 100 reviews... I AM THE HAPPY!!!