February 16th, 2004

Pluto close up

No one loves me... wahh

Yes, I know, it sucks. No e-mail... haven't checked for three hours and then I check again and NADA... so sad.

On the plus side, I got a Brian Icon and it pleases me, it has temporarily replaced BoA as my icon of choice because I sported her to the masses for many many months and Brian deserves just a little bit of love, too.

December read my story that I have to present in class on Wednesday already, she said it was emotional and good. It makes me happy that she said these things. I feel really bad that she didn't pay attention to the guy that was having his story discussed, but that story really wasn't all that great in my mind, so I guess its okay. I didn't even make any comments on the story either, at least outloud. I've commented on every other story, though, so I think I deserved a day off.

I felt like an ass in my Brit lit class. In that class and in my Rhetoric class I have a classmate who is paralyzed. Now, granted, I don't make fun of him, but I always wonder why every now and then he would take a bag out and turn around. It didn't dawn on me that he was doing something that I think of as so simple. I really take such things for granted and it makes me feel really bad.

GH was soooooooooooooooo good today. Jason's alive and Journey is back together!! YAY!
Pluto close up

piccie of BoA


She more than likely sang Rock With You... but which version. Hmm... perhaps she started with the Korean Version and then Ended with the Japanese... I'd bet she did it all Japanese, though. Despite BEING Korean and WINNING Favorite Korean artist. She also won most influential artist in Asia, though... which, in other words, means Japan. Ayu won it last year, or two years ago. One of the two. My girls, they do me proud.