February 13th, 2004

Pluto close up

I'm feeling nostalgic

And, I really do not gush about the woman that inspired my internet name and its variations over the years: The mighty Setsuna Meiou *although some people have it Meiouh*, known to many as Sailor Pluto. To me, however, she will remain one thing and one thing only: The hottest piece of anime ass on the face of the planet. I can be accused of love at first sight, it started the minute that I saw Cheetara as a child and she became my first crush, a fact that I still appreciate to this day. But, over time and as I got older (and could actually start crushing on ACTUAL women... like Sable or Jo on Melrose Place *Daphne Zuniga, we hardly knew ye*) it became less and less likely for me to have 'animated crushes'. Comic book crushes were still par for the course... actually, at the time I was out of my comic book loving phase for a time, so it really wasn't all that common. It was a sad time in my life, when Set did not love.

I remember I HATED the notion of watching Sailor Moon. It looked like the stupidest thing ever. But my cousins basically forced me to watch it one time, and from that moment on I was in love with that show, the DIC version, mind you. I was a moonie from that moment on and the first thing that I did when I got the internet was look up something on Janet Jackson...

BUT THE SECOND THING I DID WAS START LOOKING UP INFORMATION ON SAILOR MOON! It was then that I realized just who those strange people I had seen in the pictures on the back of my EGM magazines were. They were known as the Outer Scouts. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The first two were plenty cool, they just oozed something that the inners didn't. And then when I found out that they were basically lesbians... it added something to that whole show for me. But when I saw Pluto... I fell in love, a love that has lessened over the years, but is still plenty strong. The dark green hair, the tanned skin, the red eyes. Pluto was the perfect woman. She was my wife, and she would eternally be mine. Did I care that she loved Chibi-Usa, the devilish thing that should have never been created? Well, yes. But she was alloted a single flaw, no matter how big. It helped make her something that was less of a Goddess and just the epitome of beauty. So, my love for Sailor Moon went beyond the evil of the DIC versions, which didn't even GIVE me Pluto, and I started looking up what happened in the fabled Japanese seasons.

Then we got to stars...

And to the end of Stars...

And to the death of Pluto...

I had an easier time accepting that my grandmother had died than I did accepting that Pluto had died at some time during that series. I wept. I wept for my beloved Setsuna. I wept for Haruka and Michiru. I even wept for the inners, who were never and will never be as great as the outers. I WEPT FOR REI! They were all gone... even that damned Tuxy boy. Then I found out that they came back and I rejoiced. From that day forth my goal in life was to watch episode 200, because at the time I thought episode 200 was some like 5 hour spectacle where everything happened instead of it happening over the course of I think 6 episodes. Remember, Vanessa, when we thought that episode 200 was like THE holy grail. Before the Jpop love, before everything else... when life HINGED on finally seeing episode 200. They were good times.

And they were all because of Setsuna.
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Pluto close up

It was very misleading it was...

My mommy sent me a v-day present she did. Of course, I knew it was from her. Why would I get a gift from anyone else? No one loves me (weep). I like presents. I like Jelly Belly's... so when I saw the Jelly Belly logo I was happy. Sadly, it was misleading for it was not filled with Jelly Belly's. Granted, there were SOME Jelly Belly's in the bag... but not nearly enough.