February 12th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know how its said that people have moments...

In life when they have to judge their own character? I think I passed mine. Went to Safeway today and got a cart, but there was a wallet in the cart. I looked in the wallet for ID and whatnot... there were plenty of credit cards and the like inside the wallet. VERY easy for me to just take the credit cards and use them online, but did I do that? No. I walk into the store and hand the first worker that I see the wallet. I did check for money, and found none. No, if I found money I wouldn't have taken it, I was just making sure. It was some girl's wallet, I didn't recognize the face on the picture. I'm very proud of myself.

But I'm not very proud of my fellow DJ, who is 30 minutes late... unless I don't have his IM anywhere... but I checked his profile and used the IM that I was given and I do not see him on and it is REALLY pissing me off because I shouldn't even be working right now but I am because my boss asked me to DJ, so I did. But I was supposed to end 35 minutes ago and I didn't get my relief DJ and none of the other DJs that I know are on so I can't ask him if he has another SN for me to check on...

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