February 10th, 2004

Pluto close up

About the fire

Funny how it was supposed to involve the whole cast...

Apparently Bobbie and Ned didn't get the memo. Well, there's still 3 days left... they could be involved.
Pluto close up


I did that thing where I tried to post in my GH community and instead I posted on my journal. Gomen...

I hate that little asian fucker. We just got a "PAY THE MONEY IN 3 DAYS OR GET THE FUCK OUT" notice... and I'm not very happy with it.
Pluto close up

Who fucked themselves over?

*raises hand* That'd be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

RA class started today. And we were playing this STUPID ASS ice breaker (because stupid ass ice breakers are par for the course, see) where one person raises their hand and says something and the person who has that in common with that raises their hand and so on and so forth. So... there's two people left. Me, and some random girl.

The person before the random girl said "I like people" which caused the random girl to stand up. So she says that she's an english major. Which, thankfully, I am as well so that stupid game FINALLY ended. But, of course, I had to say something and I was like "I don't like people" which got some gasps. Of course, I'm applying for a job where I have to be social and whatnot. I can be civil with people. Hell, I can be the nicest fucking person in the world at times, but I do not enjoy being around people for the most part. At least I was honest.

And then we went through this 3 hour bore feast where people acted like happy giddy dumbasses and I was just trying to keep myself sane. Ugg, I hate RA class, but I want to be an RA. Much like I hate reading, yet my major is English.

I can fuck myself over even more, and I probably will. Since we have a paper due next week where we describe the transition from High School to college. Yes, I will be blunt, I will be honest, and people will likely just shake their heads. But, really, I would be GOOD at that fucking job. I know I would. I have plenty of people who I DO like, it's just that generally speaking, the people piss me off.