February 9th, 2004

Pluto close up

Maki... the enemy

Oh, that was an amusing line that Sean gave me last night, I was basically chuckling like mad. I like Maki, though...

I have to start writing critiques or whatever of my fellow fiction writers works, and I read the two that I need to write for on Wednesday, one of them is good, I like it... but the other one is... confusing, or to me just boring. I require my drama and that story had none. It's not that it wasn't worded nice, it was, but maybe it was just too much for me. I'm a picky reader, I know. I have no shame. I won't come out and say "I didn't like this story" because a part of me did and I certainly don't want to hurt the guy's feelings. I'm way too kind about this kind of stuff. No, I'm not following that rule about "If you don' thave nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" I just realize that writers put a lot into their work (well, sometimes. I know I put a lot into my work, like the GH story *much love for the GH story!!!! 300 something pages and still going strong. Oooooooh yeah*) and it really hurts if that part of you is just shot down like no one cares. Granted, I've never really had anything like that happen to me, but I'm sure it hurts pepole a lot.

My dad... he is so full of it. He kind of got my hopes up by saying that I could have more money in my account, but I checked today, and I don't even have a savings account, he was just so very full of it.

Tomorrow is the day that we start RA classes, I have a really big feeling that I'm going to hate that class. It's going to be really stupid and people are going to be making me try and act like I'm happy or something. Ugg, I loathe classes that make me try and get involved. Of course, I could be wrong. The class could end up being really good for all I know. It COULD... but I severely doubt it.

Watched The Summer Vacation video (SM Town Summer 2002, I think their first summer album) and I remember just how great Brian looked in it. Probably his best looking video to date, even when he was all panicking about bungee jumping. I'd be panicked, too!!! I would!!! I'm a chicken shit who is terrified of heights and whatnot. Plus, aside from the general panic attacks, he didn't do anything stupid like in all the OTHER SM Town videos. Actually, he didn't do anything stupid in the Paradise video either, but he didn't look as good as he did in Summer Vacation. I sent it to Sean because it has BoA, Bada, and Eugene, his big 2 for Kpop and a lesser extent on the love for the Eugene. I miss SES together so much I do. But if FttS breaks up... god, that will KILL me. It'd be worse than GLAY breaking up for me, because while my love for GLAY eclipses all in the Jpop/rock world *Sans BoA, of course* I know that they can do stuff outside of GLAY and still be successful. I don't know if Brian can do something outside of FttS and find success. I mean, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but then I am a strange person.

Speaking of GLAY, I tried to convert some of their MV's to MP3s since I am severely lacking the GLAY MP3 love for the radio, and they didn't convert well. Beautiful Dreamer did, though, so I was happy. I really wanted Be With You and Yuuwaku to convert well also, but alas, such things were not meant to be.

Vanessa needs to get online tonight so I can send her the shine more video that she doesn't have. Good old abandon child Namie. She might be a horrid mommy, but her voice is so great.

Like the opposite of my mommy. Although I doubt Namie is a shameless drunk with severe mental problems. But, much like Sophia, I digress.