February 8th, 2004

Pluto close up


I have to read a section of the Gorgias... and lemme tell ya, I would NEVER go see that play. It's bad. People have lines that are basically a full page. I would hate to be the one that had to remember stuff like that. Yup.
Pluto close up

I've created a Musume Loather

Sorry, Vanessa... but my friend doesn't like the girls of Musume at all... he wants Tomiko Van (or is it Tomoko...) from Do As Infinity to slaugther them all. He saw the Pirate Music Video and Happy Summer Wedding and... frankly... wasn't amused at all. He saw the three soloists doing their song, too. I told him they weren't bad, but that Pirate video... what the fuck?

Anyway, I will be DJing from approx 3-6 California time, at the time of this post it is an hour and 45 minutes away. If you wish to listen you can at www.kpopfans.com, www.boafans.com, or www.asianmusicnetwork.com just go to the global pop section and click on whichever umm... program you use to access your media. No, I will not be talking because my computer is the devil and doesn't want to let me talk while the DJ program is running. I need to get a better microphone, I think.

At the very least he loves the ways of the Jpop (for the most part...) and the kpop.
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Pluto close up

heh heh heh heh

Janet Jackson's right breast has become the most-searched image in internet history...

That from IMDB.com, it was researched more times in a 24 hour period than anything else, even stuff from Sept 11th...