February 5th, 2004

Pluto close up

Thoughts of Sheer Randomness

If this all appears in bold, I apologize, but the new semagic thing that I downloaded is making everything look bold, so I don't really know what to do about it. Anyway, the microphone that I got sucks ass, I have no idea how to work it and most of the time it just gives me massive feedback. Bad enough my fucking speakers don't work properly anymore, ugg, this is horrible. I think I will go to best buy sometime soon and invest in a decent microphone that will hopefully allow me to talk, because my boss is like "If you don't talk, people will stop listening." And in part she's correct. I still have to do some homework, reading... blech. Yesterday Amber told me that I was the first guy that she ever talked to that watched soaps, and I told her "no, I'm probably the first guy that you've talked to that watches soaps and admits to watching soaps." She agreed. Speaking of soaps, the fire started today!!!! People are going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please GH writers, kill Jax, Ned, and Brian... this is all Set asks for, the deaths of such stupid characters. Keep Maxie alive, though.

I really need to examine Kpop videos more intently. Apparently Missing You is about some dead girl, and Brian goes to her grave at the end. I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! I don't remember him going to a grave!" I remember him singing in the flower fields... but no grave. I do admit that Brian was happy and Fany was sad in that video, which is why one of my fellow DJs said was the point. So... I'm like, uhhhhhh, okay...

Talked to Carlos, we spoke of the drama that he loves so very much. Good times. He says Hi to Vanessa

Actually, ignore the semagic thing, because it won't even post my post now, fucking hell my computer is so beyond fucked up.
Pluto close up


I've seen it like 6 times on the jpop video channel... and it's a great song, and a very touching video. Clips from SPEED through the years, and I think the 'final' concert (it was made 3 years before the reunion album, sooooooo they really thought they were going to quit being a group) where all the girls were crying. So sad, so touching. Apriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil *enter random japanese lyrics here* Apriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil *more random japanese lyrics here* and so on and so forth. Ah, I love SPEED.

But, you know what I don't love? The New Helper Agent... it only worked for me when I had one whole word in the stupid box, fucking thing.