January 29th, 2004

Pluto close up

I'm such a huge loser

I just spent the last 20 minutes or so making sure that each and ever one of my asian pop clips was correctly labeled... it wasn't very much fun, but it had to be done. I wonder if this Melody girl is the one that's on that M-Flo song, if she is, I like her... because I like the girl in that M-Flo song, even though I hate M-Flo...
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    Melody- Crystal Love
Pluto close up

Damn Joo!!!

He makes me feel guilty for downloading MP3s because it takes money from him and he can't feed his future babies... he told me this he did... so, now I can't download MP3s because it hurts Brian.

Of course, Brian didn't mention MP4's, or Music Videos.. so................ I will buy your albums one day!!! I WILL!!!!! I need job... I want job...
Pluto close up

Not having anything to do on Tuesday/Thursday...

seriously kills me. I NEED a job... I want that desk job... it gives me some small purpose on these days *not to mention money*

It's really sad because I just sit here two days a week and do nothing. It was cool for the first few hours, but damn, it's barely the second day that I've had this and I'm like "gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so hard to do ANYTHING"

Of course, the school is OUT of jobs, like always, because the school sucks ass and I don't really have any other places that I could work and actually want to work, since most of them require me going out and doing something like ride the bus, and I don't want to ride the bus unless I MUST, since I have the worst luck when it comes to bus riding and end up getting shafted with like 5 screaming babies, 4 retarded people, and a crap load of illegal immagrants. I hope I get the desk job, I hope Tom told Cindy that I wanted to the desk job. I hope I get the RA job next year. I hope I don't end up making my parents pay a whole lot of money this year. I hope I can manage to get through the year. I hope that we get a new roommate so that our rent doesn't go up...