January 26th, 2004

Pluto close up

First day...

Went to the wrong class, but knew what the instructor looked like so I was able to make it out before the actual class started. The other classes were okay, too. Took me awhile to get net access, so I had plenty of e-mails that needed to have some checking. I swear I hate this, now I have to manage my time, before it was just like sit on my ass and do nothing while I wait for something to actually happen... nope... not anymore. Grr.

When I chceked my e-mail in the comp lab I had a few minutes, so I decided to check the backlog for the SES post and I wanted to watch Just in Love, but for some reason that computer had it all fast forwarded... so they sounded like chipmunks... it was amusing.
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    SES- Just In Love