January 18th, 2004

Pluto close up

Last Night I realized something...

A part of why I loathe Fany so very much is because he LOOKS a lot like one of my cousins, the one that I used to adore but now loathe because he's not the same person, he's something much worse. Okay, Fany's taller, probably better looking, can sing better, is not mexican, and has a whole lot more money, plus, he's younger, but still... they do have a visiual similarity in the eyes. Those damned eyes... at least now I have a reason for hating him.

FINALLY FOUND A DOWNLOAD FOR 'For You'!!!!! Man, two months from now MBoy will finally be out on DVD... so happy.
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Pluto close up

It debuted at number 1!

You go, baby! I gots nothing but faith in you!

Anyway, I found sheet music to "For You" the Kei piano song... AIEEEEE!!!! If I knew how to play the piano... if I only knew how to play the god damned piano... life would be good... oh, how I would waste time playing anime music, video game music, and doing the piano parts of waiting and always while BoA's voice inspires me... ahhhhhhhh
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I've concluded something

Rap corrupts ANYTHING it touches, in any language. BoA's Love and Honesty... great... except the song with Verbal and MFlo. I want by Fly to the Sky? Superb song except the part where Brian raps (and it really does make me look down on him, especially since he says the 'N' word). Dreams come true by SES. The little alien thing rapping needs to go away. Hell, even american music is corrupted by the ways. The all star "What's going on?" Such a great cover of an already great song, but when Nelly and Durst come on and start ruining everything with their horrid, talentless voices, I get angry. And really, that song featured... among others, BSB, N'Sync, and Britney... I seriously have PLENTY of reason to hate that song, but I couldn't hate it because it was a good song, until I heard that part and I wanted to throw something at the tv. Why do we allow such mockery's to exist? I will never understand.

Another case in point, the Guardian Angel song... beautiful sounding song that you can feel even if you don't understand Korean (hell, I don't) then... some random people end up rapping towards the end and it kills the vibe, it KILLS the vibe. Maybe it was Hee Jun... god knows he's responsible for everything else that is wrong in the world. I think it was like SHINWA or HOT... but since my Kpop ness tends to be limited to my big three and very little beyond... I can't tell for sure. Yes, I'm selective, I know. But, I'm american, much to my dismay, so, I'm still allowed to be so fickle.

A part of me fears buying FttS albums because they might have more rap parts. None of their videos do, and I love ALL their stuff (except Day by Day and I don't Wanna Say Goodbye... blech) but the rap... I can't put up with it.
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'on second thought, let's not go to Calilot, it is a silly place'

Anyone ever thinking of coming to California, remember those words... REMEMBER...

Those of us STUCK here... we'll... we're already screwed.