January 17th, 2004

Pluto close up


if I EVER heard someone actually CALL someone maw maw or paw paw... oh, god... I wouldn't be able to stop laughing, because... I mean, it's just fucking funny...

I was gonna say something then I forgot. Oh, yeah, I hate kids. I FUCKING HATE CHILDREN!!!! Small children NEED TO DIE!!! If they ain't mine, or they ain't kin, they should not be tolerated by me... unless I'm at someone's house and they happen ot have kids, in which case, well, it is THEIR house, so I kinda have to put up with it, no? But, no, if they come to my house, why the fuck should I be forced to put up with their annoying game of 20000 questions?

(Brian just said "When I cry!!!!" I LOVE that part... it makes me happy)

Yes, I know... I'm mean towards children, but I've always hated children. It's some base hatred that stems from my time as being host to my family's friends' kids'... hated it then, still hate it now. I'm almost 21, why the FUCK should I have to be entertainer to the tweens and under? Huh? God, I should start requiring a service fee. "I will charge you 10 dollars for every time your child makes a moronic statement. Should you not wish to pay this fee, do not bring your child around. If this is a problem, do not come over. Thank you.

The management"
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Pluto close up


I know it's often much better to NOT ask about Asian gameshows... since the answer ends up being much too complicated and hurting a whole lot of innocent people in the process...

So, I won't even comment on the crazyness capped herein: http://brianstory.new21.net/bbs/data/ftts_photo/031228_sbs_star_01.jpg

I WILL however... ask... WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR!?!?!? Maybe it's a good thing I didn't meet him... I'd be like "keep your hair this way, please... for the love of god... keep it decent... stop... doing... stuff... to... it..." yes, I could see myself doing that to poor Brian.

Really though... what the hell?
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Pluto close up

To Counteract the pain from the last post

I feel like shit... I was telling G how sorry I was that my journal has basically regressed into little more than "Look at THIS picture of Brian!" and then I go and do it again... but it is my way, and besides, these pictures are indeed well worth taking a gander at. Hell, it took me 30 minutes to load them all on my painfully slow dial up (DSL... how I miss thee)

ALL the Brian pics are soooooooo great, with the exception of the one where he's on the couch, but it is still really good when compared to some of the other pictures that boy has taken in his short career. He was 18 when they debuted... 18... god, I feel like nothing. Then again, I AM nothing, hence why I gush about people who are better than me. Note the picture of him in the bathtub. Just accept that Brian enjoys taking baths and showers with his clothes on, as evident in the poison ivy video... yeah, I know, makes no sense... but, whatever. He's also staring at something, I want to say it's BoA... but that is just me.

PLUS... the fany pictures are good as well... maybe because it is birthday do I end up tolerating him and saying something positive about the man for once. Yes, Fany, that is my birthday present to you. Momentary praise. Don't get too used to it. Like you can even read the stuff on this journal... like you even read this damned thing. (waves if you do).

The group pictures are great as well, a fair balance of Brian/Fany/Group... although I am sad that this means the all Brian calendar ended up not being such a thing. I really need to buy this thing... like, now!
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