January 16th, 2004

Pluto close up

Had fun at Vanessa's!

Although she made me touch an X-Box controller and play the evil system forged in the fires of hell. I didn't have much fun. But at least I didn't play Halo, so a fraction of my soul is intact. We rambled of the ways and insulted Hee Jun a lot... because rambling of the ways and insulting Hee Jun is plenty of fun and, by law, acceptable for anyone to do... yup.

Well, I'm NOT going to the funeral, because my grandmother cannot attend due to going to a religious function. See, fuckers not only cost me a chance to see and gawk at Brian but now they cost me the chance to spend excess amounts of time with my grandmother, whom I love more than anyone (yes, even BoA). It is a damned shame that the fates had such a path in store for me, but I cannot argue with them, no, that would be foolish. Actually, it's not a certain "we're not going" but it is indeed a very strong probabilty, much more likely than us actually going. I'm still going back to Chico on thursday, though. So, I dunno, bah... stupid family.
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