January 15th, 2004

Pluto close up


I almost broke my ankle when I woke up today. My dogs and three of my cats were all on the bed with me, so I was fighting for a minimal amount of blanket space... and when I got up I didn't realize that my ankle was wrapped in the blanket and being held down by about 150 pounds of animal based weight. So I tried to get up... and it was met with limited success...

If this is a double post, I do apologize, but LJ is being a whore as usual.
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Pluto close up


Fanfiction forum for FttS... undersexed fangirls now have a way to express their lust. and a small part of me dies because, unless they PROHIBIT such things... it will regress to that, we all know it. Stupid fangirls. stupid stupid fangirl otaku bitches that need to be flogged and hung until they get a very small fraction of a life.
Pluto close up

Stupid whore

Britney Spears blames the magic of Las Vegas for prompting her to marry best pal Jason Alexander, because she was dumbstruck at how well they "hit it off" in the vibrant city. The pop superstar spoke for the first time about the January 3 wedding on MTV show TRL yesterday and admitted she just got caught up in the moment. She explains, "I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. I totally do. But I think I was in Vegas and, I dunno, it just took over me and things got out of hand and, yeah, that's what happened. I was in Vegas and I was with my friend and we just hit it off completely. I dunno. Let's talk about something else." Britney also admitted she was amazed with the press coverage her late-night nuptials got. She added, "Do you realize we landed on Mars on that day? Why weren't they all talking about that?"

Yes... Britney, believe in the sanctity of marriage by having one that really only lasted 8 hours. You go, girl! At least she knows that Mars is a planet and not a candy bar.