January 13th, 2004

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Hey Ya'll

Thanks For All The Brithday Wishs I Had A Wonderfull Birthday With My Friends And Family. For Those Who Want To Know About The Girl I Hugged. I Do Hug My Female Fans If They Ask First I Don't Just Grab Girls And Hug Them. I Never Hugged A Girl For 5 mins. Yeah About The I'm A Bit Wet Thing I Did Not Say I Am Too. We All Know What I'm A Bit Wet Means It Means I'm Horny. Hello I Am A Guy. So Please Don't Trust This Girl. I Saw On Other FlyTotheSky Forums She Is Now Saying She Did Not Know Who I Was At The Time. If You Did Not Know Who I Was Why Did You Say I Hugged You Then? Please Don't Trust What You Hear. If I Don't Say Anything About It Never Happened.

Take Care Ya'll

This be from Brian (another asian who says ya'll... tee) but... it might not be, I dunno. Still, if it is true... fangirls need to be stopped.

And what's his middle name? G... hmm..
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I hate it when I have to wake up early.

HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!! Been up since 9, HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!!! And I'm hungry, but we don't have anything instant cooking. Yeah, I could make myself breakfast, but I'm at my parents house, they should be doing it for me. Besides, they got a new stove, and they would KILL me if I did anything to taint the preciousness of their new bloody stove. I don't ask questions, I just sit here and hope to be fed in a timely manner. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Last night mom offered me an X-Box. Granted, she was drunk off her ass, but she still made the offer. I, of course, turned her down. Why would I want one of those? There is nothing worth owning. Yes, I'm aware Vanessa owns one, but it is true. X-Box is horrid for me. It gives me nothing good outside of pretty DoA girls wearing nothing. Besides, I'd rather have the 200 dollars and spend it on Kpop... DUH. Kpop and BoA calendars and Brian Calendars.... aaaaaaaaaaaah, so happy would I be with BoA/Brian Calendars. SO happy. so so so so so so happy. Like, kill me and I will not care happy, provided I am buried with them. I bet he went back to Korea already, which means I did miss my chance. Damn you, dead cousin, damn you and your lack of being able to do anything on time.
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Curse you!

BoAfans.com! CURSE YOU AND YOUR WAYS! You entice me with succulent pieces of BoA related greatness... but the files are so large, and they time out because I do not have good internet speed and it makes me very sad. Very very sad.
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Damned Fire Emblem

I love it... but they kill characters so very easily and make me try aaaaall over again, and that I do not love at all. It angers me, it does. On a side note: SM town should do seasonal albums for EVERY season... just so I can have SM Town Fall and SM Town Spring to look forward to in edition to SM Town Summer and Winter. Mmmmm, SM Town goodness overload!
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