January 9th, 2004

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Making me wake up this early... damned father! damn him!!!!! It's not like I haven't been up since 7 listening to him talk to everyone on the damned phone. Gaaaaaah. Plus, I have to wake up early tomorrow for trip to LA thing... blah.
Pluto close up

Bloody Hell


Creative Writing: A
Introductions to Literary Genres: A
Introduction to English Grammar: F
Entertainment/Media/American Culture: B+

Damn, stupid B+ I could have had a 3.0! Instead I got stuck with a mere 2.9. Although, my cumulative did go up a whole 2 and a half points. I think I've got a B- average now. Yay.
Pluto close up

I get praise!!!

My GH story... I love working on it so much, and I love getting the feedback that I get back because its so great. I've been told that I write so many of the characters great, and yet I've been watching for... what... 6 months? Give or take. Being told that I write the Journey great, the S/C great, and the OTHER S/C great... ah... it fills me with such pride. PLUS, my OC isn't hated by those that read the story, a rarity these days. OCs are considered the devil, and rightly so, provided that they're used as nothing more than a shamless ploy.

Oh, wait... this whole thing started out as a shameless ploy to put myself in the GH world.

Well, damn.

Not leaving till Sunday, which means I can post at midnight for Happy Birthday Brian...

Yes, I have no life.
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They pushed the funeral back... ANOTHER week. Do I want to wait another week? No, I do not. Will I wait another week? Maybe not, I might as well boycott. There is only so much I can tolerate, and switching the damned date on me not once, but twice, that surpasses my limit.
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