January 4th, 2004

Pluto close up


Who called it?!?! Shorter than Judd-Lo... WAAAAAAAAAY Shorter. She's apparently already seeking an annulment.
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Pluto close up

I've realized something...

My love for Kpop is greater than my love of Jpop. I might have gotten started on Jpop, and I'm thankful that it's a positive musical influence on my life, and I still have like twice the amount of Jpop clips than I do kpop clips, but overall... it all comes down to the fact that only Kpop can give me BoA/Brian. Sure, Hee Jun is there as well, but really. BoA, FlytotheSky, SES, and to a lesser extent Kangta and SM town as a whole. Maybe if Avex did a summer/winter compilation every year (Imagine that... BoA/Ayu/Namie... other people) I'd be swayed, but even then... BoA/Brian... it is my reason for life.
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    PGS SM Opener
Pluto close up


Today I thought I might have a chance at going to see my beloved Usagi-chan ("godmother" named after Sailor Moon for being a clutz, bubble head, and flake... but in GOOD ways), because she invited me over for Pizza and movies. Granted, it wasn't fresh pizza, it was frozen, and the movies didn't seem all that appealing (Bad Boyz 2, Phone Booth, and something else... I think it was Road Trip), but it would have been time for me to spend with Usagi!!! I love spending time with her, we talk about stuff. She's one of my favorite people in the world, even if she's prone to being a drug addict and often places her legal right to be a mother to her sons in danger with her ways. She's flawed, very flawed, but she struggles and eventually rebounds, only to have the cycle be set into motion again. And my parents and I are almost constantly there to pick up the pieces, or at least help try. Even though we are not obligated to, we all like her a lot. This is just a small bit of the daily... hell, at times hourly... stuff that this quirky family of mine goes through. And they wonder why I watch soaps. HAH