January 3rd, 2004

Pluto close up

The Music For Pretty Guardian Soldier Sailor Moon

Is so damned catchy that it can't be obnoxious. In fact, it owns my soul it does. WELL... we're not going to LA tomorrow. The funeral got cancelled because they're trying to find a way to bury him. That's a bit odd, don't you think? What the hell were they going to do with his body? Leave it there in the funeral home to rot?

So... no LA tomorrow, which means I can't go shopping for Calendars. Fret not, we're going whenever the funeral is (provided it's sometime soon and I don't go back to college) and I will try my damnedest to get that trip in. This does give me a chance to go outside and recycle all the recyclables and get some cash. Although I do owe my parents like 26 bucks or something, which I'd pay back first. Yes, I'm that rare breed of child who actually pays his parents back (for the most part).

Now I might be able to travel to Disneyland... tee
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Pluto close up

Onjena (or however you spell it) got a new version

I'm not a very big fan of cyan the color. Actually, I wasn't a very big fan of Cyan the FF6 character either. He was okay, I suppose... better than Gau. Better than Strago. Anyway, they don't have Poison Ivy to download, and it crushes me because I want to watch that video! Of course, it isn't as bad as Vanessa's news... poor gal. No more Kago!?!?
Pluto close up

Fany makes Brian gay to save the babies he and BoA would make from Hee Jun

I showed Ayl the Snowflake vid, because he wanted to judge the gayness of Kangta and the mentioned the gayness of Brian. So, we came up with this theory as seen above. Naturally, Hee Jun would want to eat babies, because he's a fucking freak and wouldn't think twice about it. Ayl concurs, Hee Jun must die... sooner the better.

AND I present to you pretty Brian pictures: http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=fttsonjena&now=1&jd=-1&ino=955&tmp_no=975

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