January 1st, 2004

Pluto close up


I'm going to LA on Sunday for a funeral. Maybe I can get a trip to Japan Town out of it. Or Korea Town (do they even have Korea town?). Must... purchase... music... the cousin guy who died would understand. It's not like I won't go to his thingy, I'll just try and have some fun while I'm over there. Is that a crime?
Pluto close up


Daddy said I could go find me some j and k related merchandise while we're in L.A!!! Although I highly suspect that he be lying. Daddy loves to lie and get my hopes up for nothing. But if it's even half true... I'm looking for the BoA calendar and the Brian calendar and other random stuff that will likely be overpriced but will be so worth it. And while I am there I will look around for GH stars, because it is filmed in LA and will GUSH!!! GUSH!!!! And then I'll go and be sad for the dead cousin guy. Of course, if it comes down to gushing or funeral... I'm going to the funeral. I'm not THAT bad. Even if, through some sheer miracle, one of my idols was around, I'd sacrifice said time for my family. I'd end up kicking myself later, but it would be the right choice, it would. I should check and see if Vanessa wants me to look for anything... hmm. Gotta get me my haircut, too. Yup Yup. And I'm prattling now, so I'll stop.
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    BoA- Random Korean Song (Some of them don't have english titles)
Pluto close up

Stuff to do in the new year

Make Dean's List (Pfft, like that'll happen)
Get the RA Job (More likely, but still rather unlikely)
Get ouf of the apartment and back to UV (Haven)
Library Job for Spring 2004
Spend excess amounts of money on k-pop related goodness
Finish the GH story
Plot the death of Hee Jun
Wipe memory of previous comment
Complete the entire series of Buffy
Start getting Sailor Moon SuperS on dvd
Play X-Men Legends
And FF: Crystal Chronicles
Spend less money on comics