December 29th, 2003

Pluto close up

Last Night

God, I was so very pitiful. I ended up looking at all this useless information about Brian, so I basically was a raving fanboy. No, really... I was reading some of those stupid ass questions that they have in teenybopper magazines (He wears Boxers, by the way... see) only they were korean teenybopper questions, so they were even more amusing. I did see a picture of him and his mommy, which was neat. Woman must be proud. I also found out he be a grandma's boy, but she died (sniff). He's apparently been stalked, which isn't surprising, and is offended by the fact that people don't call him oppa... which I have no idea what the hell that means and why he would get offended... meh.

See Me + Useless Information = Bad. I should have just stuck to looking at pictures. Now to update my story over at the cesspool.
Pluto close up


Downloaded the Snowflake music video, for those that don't know it's the SM town 2003 holiday video. It is important to me because A) I spent over an hour downloading it since my computer sucks major ass... and B) I can't play any of my cd's here because the CD player is fucked up so I've been without my j/k-pop music videos for over a week and it KILLS ME!!! Fany's so mean to Brian in the video... he pushes him away and bats him with a Bouquet of flowers that Brian's trying to give to (I think) Shoo. Fucker, die, Fany. And BoA got this dinky little present from some guy whose name I don't know, BUT I WANT TO because I want his shit, he sings really good. Anyway, she looks all pissy (and adorable) and then hands him this BIG ASS present.

Even the ever evil Moon HeeJun cannot ruin this for me.
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