December 28th, 2003

Pluto close up

I'm just not feeling the love

Sword of Mana isn't very much fun. Much like Legend of Mana, it tries to incorporate the greatness of Secret of Mana and fails on many levels. That's not to say it doesn't have it's good points. The graphics are colorful and whatnot, but I'm not feeling it the way I felt SoM and still do to this day. It certainly pales in comparison to the greatness of Mario and Luigi Superstar saga, of this I am certain. With that said I will not be playing it anytime soon. I shall start on Fire Emblem tomorrow, looking at the box it has Roy AND Marth so a certain someone can be happy...
Pluto close up

Bigoted Koreans!

Brian, due to U.S citizenship, gets kicked out of DJ
"It's unfair"
"Japanese Yoomin is suceeding in MC...i think this is discrimination"
Male duo FTTS member Brian is appealing to "discrimination".
Japanese Yoomin is succeeding in MCing of SBS inkigayo and Brian got kicked out of Dejaying because of his U.S citizenship.

Brian starting last november was dejaying SBS radio FTTS 1010 club with his partner Hwanhee but the ministry of justice of the immigration law/office's immigration committee said " doing radio Deejaying is just to get out of the visa issuance of immigration." and because of this reason Brian had to quit DJ.

Brian said "For my star career i got a E6 Visa, with the exception of my singing career, it didn't say anywhere that i couldn't do Deejaying or MC." and was puzzled and baffled. "Just like actress Yoomin doing MC, shouldn't you let me do DJ?" and pleaded.

Hwanhee's opinion was the same. "After we were together all day, when it is 10 in the night, i go to do Radio deejaying and Brian with his shoulder's down he goes to our rehearsal room." "We're not a dispersed family and look what situation he is in." Hwanhee felt sad for Brian.

Ouch, I feel bad for him... really, I do.