December 25th, 2003

Pluto close up

The X-Mas Bounty

In addition to last night's acquirement of Buffy Season 5... today brought me the following gifts:

King of the Hill seasons 1 and 2
Sword Of Mana
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Fire Emblem
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (Already having fun using Luigi more, MUWAHAHA)
Wonder Woman DK Book
X-Men DK Book
X-Men Calendar
Candy related stuff, nuts... you know, stocking stuffers
I also got some AV wires, but I wanted a box, and a Mad Catz PS2 controller, but Mad Catz is evil so we're talking that back and getting me an official one.

What I didn't get-

Simpsons Season 3
Final Fantasy Unlimited

I do believe that is it. Happy Holiday's all
Pluto close up

I hate children!

My 2 year old cousin likes to bite... my 2 year old cousin likes to follow me around... my two year old cousin is JUST tall enough that he can get some nut shots in... do the math.

No, it didn't happen... but it could have, and that would have been bad.