December 23rd, 2003

Pluto close up

I hate kids

This little girl... probably like 8, comes with her dad (because her dad ALWAYS brings one of his kids around, pisses me off SOOOOOOOO much, since he never watches them) and she's asking me questions ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! Everytime I turn around she's asking me something, and I'm trying to play Mario Kart... my game was uberly screwed because of that little pest.

And my dad's friend wants me to look up something on the computer, what the fuck? They can do it themselves.
Pluto close up

4 hours of my life

3 and a half of those were wasted. BUT I did get to eat some Wendy's. Sadly it killed the desire to write tonight. The first night in three weeks *give or take* that I did not write a chapter. Very sad, but I'm like 5 chapters up in posting the story, so I think it's okay. I'll just write one tomorrow... but when, I have to celebrate x-mas eve with the evil family.

Hmm... this is a problem.