December 21st, 2003

Pluto close up


Pooooooooooor Chargers... they lost another game. Ah, this is amusing. My mom is like THE biggest Chargers fan I know and she hates it when they lose. So I get to laugh and have a good time.
Pluto close up


My mom said that she didn't know what the last two items on my x-mas list were. I made the list three weeks ago, I had no clue what the last items were off the top of my head. So I ask to see the list. She digs through her purse and hands it to me, yet she hands it to me face up. What's that by some of the items? A check mark. Gee... I wonder... what am I getting for Christmas so far? I did see Fire Emblem checked off, wee.

Still, that made me laugh so much
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Pluto close up

I would have been beyond pissed

I had like a 20+ point lead in Mario Kart... and then I started fucking up ROYALLY! Last race comes up and I'm in second place... 4 points behind the leader. Thankfully I got lucky beyond belief and placed first in Rainbow Road (!!!!) and managed to come out on top (!!!!) which means I got mirror mode unlocked and I beat Mushroom Cup, so I got Toadette's kart.

It is good