December 12th, 2003

Pluto close up

The obligatory britney is a whore post...

No, I won't call her that... well... maybe. Anyway I saw the Britney/BoA meet up thingy... Britney just looked like a trashy call girl. She really did. Her hair looked like shit, whereas BoA looked soooooooooo elegant. Sure, my view is skewered since I love my BoA and loathe the Britney.

Speaking of pop idols... whatever happened to Willa Ford? A few days ago I just got the "I wanna be bad" song stuck in my head... at least the chorus, since it's pretty much the only part that I remember. Good old faded American ex-teen idols... they'll always be amusing. Let's go look and see what the NKotB members are doing...
Pluto close up

I've been invited

To a bring your own bottle party at a friend's house. I tell him that I have no desire to bring my own bottle, and he says that people will share with me if I come. So I tells him I have no desire to come. He said I was rude... I laughed.

I did thank him for the invite before I said anything. He knows I wouldn't go anyway...

I don't think Mike has woken up yet..
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