December 11th, 2003

Pluto close up

Well, I didn't expect that

The grapevine tells me that the little asian boy is pretty damned close to getting the boot from the Regency *the place where I live with the little asian boy, the Eminem clone, and the ever sporadic one*. He's supposedly going to make a deal with our landowners later in the day.

I wonder if I should feel pity for him. I mean, I feel pity for me... if he gets booted that's more rent that I have to pay for!!!! WHY WOULD I WANT TO PAY MORE RENT!?
Pluto close up

I wasn't expecting this...

I'm getting the best feedback of my 'career' with the story I've been posting on Soap fans are so great and vocal... I love it! When I get a repaid account (this one expires in two days!!!) I'm SO getting some GH icons!!!!

Vanessa, I am sorry that you had to deal with Otaku Jrock fans... they need to be shot, much like all the other otaku in the world. At least the ravenous "I'm better than you" ones, they REALLY need to be hurt.

I had so much fun in my last day of English20, I'm so sad that it's over now, I miss it already! We talked about a lot of personal stuff. The teacher told us about how her son was addicted to crystal meth. It was really gripping and touching, and shows how comfortable that we feel around each other, because we do feel really really comfortable around each other. I told them about my mom and how, if she's drunk enough, she'll yell through the phone about when are 'you going to make me a grandmother?' if I have a female friend over and I tell her. *sigh*

The asian made a deal with our landowners, he isn't getting evicted... at least not yet. I don't know what it cost him, perhaps thousands of hours of labor and his first born. Not that anything he spawned would likely be worth much. Half of his child would be made up of his genes. Needless to say... it isn't exactly looking to be in the kid's favor based on that fact alone.

I saw a picture of Chris in Tehema! He shaved his head again... I hate it when he shaves his head. I hate it when any guy shaves their head... it looks SO bad... Speaking of hair, a friend of mine said my hair looked good... I quickly concured, I have great hair.
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