December 9th, 2003

Pluto close up


I was talking to my dad, and he asked me the ever dreaded "How are classes going"

Now, my first inclination was to lie, but I dislike lying to my parents, it goes against my morals. Oddly enough making my mother cry doesn't... but only when she deserves it, and I digress. So, I told him that I'm doing really well in most of them, and he said "well, what about the other ones?" So I told him that I wasn't doing all that great in the EVIL grammar class that will some day be the death of me. He said I had better pass, I told him there was more than likely no way in seven hells that I would pass with a "C" and that was it. He's a bit miffed, but I don't really care.

I just joined an 80's trivia community, because 80's trivia is great...

There's some memo that said MJ was innocent of the same crime to the same kid and it was filed earlier this year. I Really don't think that he's going to get screwed over on this one. Still, they called him "The Entertainer"... subtext, anyone?

Also, anyone know how to change their LJ screen name, Fuseji did it, going from Jemstone21 to just Fuseji... I want to do it, too, I don't use the Setsuna moniker anymore. Help would be appreciated.
Pluto close up

My love for Vanessa is so great

She's gonna give me a copy of SMTown X-Mas 2003!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

It pays to know someone who can give you the kpop hook up!!!!

My love for Namie has died... I cannot believe that she just gave away all the rights to her kid when she made a comeback. That is SO beyond fucked up. Poor kid. And I'm not a fan of kids, I hate them, but still... FUCKED UP.

The Marvel Collectors Club took out the money for my Betsy statue. Soon she will be mine!
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Pluto close up

Damn, yo

GLAY's new song... rocks my world. Another reason why Vanessa is so great.
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