November 23rd, 2003

Pluto close up

*kicks this here piece of filth!*

It won't let me access my e-mail or any other account that requires typing in the password *lj I use helper agent with password already imbedded, same for YIM and AIM*. I mean, it IS entirely possible that someone hacked in and changed everything, it just isn't highly probable. I HATE THIS COMPUTER!!!!

Thought I'd be darring and try to get my asian pop cd's to work... no luck, computer froze, had to restart and so forth. Mom's birthday is today, she liked the present I got her.
Pluto close up


The kid who's accusing MJ of being naughty is the same one who was in "Living With Michael Jackson," you know, the cancer survivor... I'm beginning to believe my dad more and more now. He said that who in their right mind WOULDN'T let their kids go there just so they could spring something and get some money?