November 12th, 2003

Pluto close up


Talk about oddities, I had a dream featuring at least four versions of Optimus Prime (Armada, RiD, Powermaster, and, of course, classic greatness of G1) and HER (Vanessa, you know whom I speak of, yes... her...). She was getting engaged (oddly enough, she did the kneeling and all this other stuff), really didn't get a look at the other guy, we talked, and she was cold towards me... I'd laugh if it were an omnious dream... because then I'd have four versions of optimus prime in my life! weee...

Somber side-note: My daddy's godfather/uncle died last night, so I had to do the calling and the telling of people that he died, since I'm the messanger of death in my family.

No, really, I am..