November 11th, 2003

Pluto close up

Survey stuff

Stolen from Vanessa, who likely took it from someone else, who probably took it from someone else, keep on running down the line till you get to the person who wrote it...

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Pluto close up

My fate is sealed in pastel green ink

Failed the test... but it wasn't a bad bad fail like the other one, I was 2 fuckin points away from a D- but nooooooooooooooooooooooo evil evil evil! at least I got more than 50% correct this time, AND I got a bonus point (yay). I've conclucded that I need to get an A on the test next class in order to get my over-all test average to a D------------------------ (60.8% or so) if I aced it 100% I'd have a 65% average but we all know that ain't happening so I really should get ready to bomb this class and have an "F" on my grade thing... I really hope it doesn't have any adverse effects on my posibilities of becoming an RA next year, but with my luck it probably will. Tomorrow I am getting together with some people from class, missing my soap (Because my situation is truly THAT dire...) and hopefully I can coax Kari into coming again Thursday morning for a quick refresher...

Unrelated happier sidenote: I ponder making a personal holiday of September 7th, the day Tupac was shot... the day we did something right. I am joking, only a little... lord I hated listening to that man.
Pluto close up


Our Dryer is the most useless piece of equipment on the face of the planet. I have SIX pairs of boxers... very thin boxers, mind you, and they have been in there ALL ALONE for at least an hour and do not dry fully. I still have to do socks and white shirts because everything else I fucking own is hanging and I have NO room for anything else to be hung.

UV's dryers may have fucked up more than a bit, but when they worked they got the shit done in one cycle... none of this waiting for hours on end shit. God I can't wait to go back there...
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