November 8th, 2003

Pluto close up


My roommates and company decided to stay around and get drunk (again). Normally I have no extreme problems with their little waste of air, but when the party ends at 5:45 IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!!! That's when we got issues. So, I woke up at 10:45, didn't get to sleep till after six (sun was coming up, it was) and want to do laundry but someone else's clothes are in there, so I'm doing THEIR laundry just so I can do my own.

Have I re-itereated how much I don't like living here lately? No? Okay. I really don't like it here... its not that my roommates are losers (well... not ALL of them, anyway) we just don't mesh well in this environment. This is why UV was much better, because it was controlled, people couldn't act super stupid without getting in some sort of trouble for it, and that made me a very happy person. Sure, I had to deal with a god-awful annoying Iranian roommate who would do his like tantric chants at 5 in the morning... so... very... horrid... but at least I had a door I could lock (three of them, technically) that would keep him away from my room. Plus, his friends... while pretty annoying as well, weren't loud and unable to shut up like the current crop.

Stupid Drunk people really should be taken to a shooting range and used for target practice. That includes more than a few of my friends and family, who would make a sacrifice for the greater good if it meant that they would just stop being asses on a bi-daily basis.

It's barely November... how much more hell must I endure? Too much hell, this is what I says...
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