November 1st, 2003

Pluto close up

I really, REALLY hope...

That my roommates don't have anyone over tonight. God, those girls... I fucking swear. They're babbling about how they want Tacos for two hours and house cleaning and how the one that fucked mike loves Alpha Kai (her conformist club, aka sorority)

PLUS they were listening to horrid rap music, so I turned it off and jason said I was being a dick, I don't think he thinks I heard him, but I did. And if wanting the music that keeps me up off at 2 in the morning makes me a dick, then fine, I'll be a dick. I have plenty of other reasons to be a dick, mind you, but fine, whatever.

He was also running around and acting like a dumbass, saying how he felt like he was on pills. Honestly, Jason's going to OD sometime and I won't be surprised.

Will I be mournful?

Well, maybe if he still owed me money.

BUT I did have a high point today. Chris e-mailed me back, and it makes me happy since I NEVER get replies from the pretty boy who is far too busy showing off his natural blond hair to the folks over in Chili and being a manwhore. (You can buy the entire government for two american dollars... really, you can!) He said he was proud of me. It made me feel good..