October 31st, 2003

Pluto close up

Crisis Averted

BoA ain't going to the SF concert (which has since changed its date and venue to somewherein Oakland).

I won't miss my honey woman, so I'm happy.

Good thing FlytotheSky wasn't going either, because I'd want to go see them, too...

and I'm still less than pleased with the over-all general badness of my collective housefolk.
Pluto close up


Can't go to the post office because I can't find a ride, but I think they close early on Halloween anyway, I know I would... stupid chico halloween.

Indeed doth Chico Halloween cause me to cringe at the fact that there are just so many idoits that are either already here, or come here JUST for the day.

at the very least, according to what I heard yesterday in pop culuture, they will stop selling beer everywhere at 6, or at least at the big places.

PLUS its raining, and I love the rain, FINALLY IT RAINS!!!! ON HALLOWEEN! It won't stop people from acting really stupid, but it might stop people from acting really really stupid.