October 26th, 2003

Pluto close up

BoA makes leather look good...

New video, very lusty...

Talked to Vanessa for an hour, she doesn't have the SMAP clip with Namie, so I will give her that and we will all be happy.

This will also be on the cd
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Pluto close up


I'm really quite tired with the rigors of school this semester. We're not even really half way done, and I'm already waiting for the next semester to end. I'm usually so... not waiting for first semesters to end, they're my better semesters of the two, but I'm just slamming my head against the wall waiting for everything to finish. I suppose it could be attributed to many factors, but it is quite odd.

It is probably that damned grammar class that I loathe so very much.

On an unrelated note, I looked at my list of comics I want to get, and, not counting the two magazines I also purchase, I'm looking at 65 books.

I really shouldn't read that many comics, but they're all so very good.. well, okay, most are very good, the Superman books aren't really all that great, but from what I've seen for whats coming (no, not the Jim Lee and co revamp) it seems like they might have a good story.

I'm quite sleepy for reasons that I am unaware of. Thankfully I have that hour thingy to save me, yup, good old fall back.

I think tomorrow is Daddy's birthday, which in turn marks the 1st anniversary of my beloved Ferocious' death.

I miss my big daddy, I do...
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