October 25th, 2003

Pluto close up

Set the overflowing toliet slayer!

Last night at about 12:15 while I was in my room listening to Namie and the other babes of J-pop (to drown out the horrid rap that my roommate was playing on his 2000 dollar soundsystem, of course) but I got thirsty... so I decided to go outside and get some water... I only needed to take two steps, really... since water was right there, in our bathroom... because our toliet was flooding. So, my roommates, who are busy trying to impress drunken women who would otherwise be sane enough to realize that these people are idiots, don't really give a fuck. They spend a total of two minutes looking at the problem and then carrying on with their conquests to get laid (one did, yay) leaving me and Jeff, who doesn't even live in my house but helped me because... well, I think Mike made him... I'm thankful for the help, so I can't complain, to slay the bubbling beastie all alone.

What followed was about 45 minutes of me using my garbage container (which was empty) to counter the flooded waters (which were clean) and throw them into the bathtub. There is but one clean towel out of the 6 that I own... the rest are entirely drenched with toliet waters, acting as sponges on the go, since our household appears to lack paper towels.

Then it was all over, and I was happy for I had slayed the horrid beast. it seeped into my room, drenching most of the carpet but staying away from the computer thankfully. I remained awake, extremely tired but altogether full of that stuff that makes you feel uppity, no, not sugar, that adrenheylin whatnot... yes, I don't no how to spell right now. No, I don't give a rats ass. Nonetheless, my roommates continued with their ways and ended up watching movies fully blasted at 3 in the morning which kept me awake until 4:30...

Then, I was woken by the friend of the one who made sweet loving with my roommate, at 9:30... and have been up ever since.

I should not have to be up at 9:30 on a weekend.

I hate it here.
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Pluto close up


86 fucking dollars for cable when I don't even get CN OR Soapnet...

Verily doth Set believe he is getting ripped off muchly.

add in the fact that I rarely watch tv (save for GH and this week I love the 80's, plus Reba and Boston Public... anything else is just because no one else is watching it...)

Comcast is the devil.
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