October 22nd, 2003

Pluto close up

GH Update!

Oooooooh, today's episode was sooooooooooooo good!

Dillon's supposedly getting sent to military school. The head military guy of the particular school is at the Quatermaine's mansion to talk to him before he leaves for the school. But, Dillon, not being an idiot, doesn't want to go to military school so he tries tactics to get out of it. The best was he spent a good two minutes acting Gay... it was quite amusing. He was telling the guy how he liked his horse whip, but the color didn't "do it for him". THEN as he's running with this Gay thing his Girlfriend Georgie comes running in with a pillow tucked under her shirt and saying she's preggers. The guy looks at her and says "But he just told me he was gay."
Georgie looks at Dillon then replies to the general, "Well... yeah... but do you think our baby cares?!?!"

Needless to say, it didn't work. Dillon is going to military school... well, not really, since his mom is coming back and she'll probably stop him from going.

Lucky and Lydia appear to be starting a relationship, giving all those fic shippers the Lucia that they want so badly, it looks promising, and I happen to LIKE Lydia... don't ask why, redheads just have that effect on me. Blame Jean Grey...

Carly tripped down the stairs and is going into labor with her her baby, Courtney finds her and goes to get help, but it is stormy outside and crashes her car as she talks to Jason. My baby, dear Aunt Courtney is hurt...