October 18th, 2003

Pluto close up

namie in wing zero!?!?

What the fuck!?!?!

Honestly, she comes up in this big ass Gundam and starts shooting the membes of SMAP, who shoot back... it's an odd clip.

14 minutes of Namie/SMAP goodness, though... so I can't complain.
Pluto close up

Le Sigh

Once more did the little asian boy go to work late... actually, he might not have went to work at all. Something about a swollen ankle... which, if memory serves... was caused by a (Wait for it) Mosquito bite... or multiple... yeah, THAT'S believable.
Pluto close up

*lip quiver*

I tried... so very hard... to manage my classes without friday classes AND not have to miss GH...

Guess what...

I can't do EITHER (unless we get soapnet, which I highly doubt is possible)

I only have class on MWF (with one MW class...) because... GUESS WHAT... that's all that's offered next semester... oh, what glee.

No, I'm not happy...

But at least I get to watch GH 4 days out of 5
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