October 17th, 2003

Pluto close up

De little asian boy...

Is likely to get fired sometime soon... he has been late to work at LEAST Twice... and he only started on Monday... has worked Wed and Fri.

He's so horrid, I'm not going to feel anything but amusement when he does get the ax, because he brought it all upon himself.
Pluto close up

GH was quite good!!

Little Michael tried to protect Carly from Sonny's wrath... reminded me of... well... me... when I was a wee one. Funny how kids have the ability to get their parents to stop fighting, no?

Try it now, watch... it won't work.

Yesterday Dillon was in drag, though... I wanna see pictures... I require a good laugh. Skye actually pleased me today, before she's been rather hard to even care about, but today... today I felt for her.

I laugh because the guy from 98 degress (THE UGLY ONE!!!!) was in the episode of Newlyweds I watched the last half of (nothing else was on... I swear) and his face got FAT... he looks even worse now than he did when he had an almost acceptable face. Lance Bass was there today, too... reminded of Vanessa and how much she loved Lance once 'pon a time.

I still gotta wait for Jason to see if he got the ax.
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