October 7th, 2003

Pluto close up

Who got an F on his first test this year!??!


Okay, so I'm taking this a little better than any normal person should, but if I really did what I wanted I'd curl into a ball and sob my sorrows away.

It's not that I failed that pisses me off... well, okay... it is... but it's that I had the idea that I knew what I was doing with the exception of one thing when I left... only to get it back and see a Green F on my paper... that really hurt.

It's the first test, though, I think I have time to recover... I THINK

Other inquiries: I need more people on my friends list... it will make me feel less sheltered.

I took my preface to my English 20 teacher, she said she liked it, but gave me some corrections... I'll look over them right now.
Pluto close up


Michael Jackson is running for governor too? I didn't know this... if it's THE MJ, I would have so registered to vote and voted for him...

Yes, I know, I'd vote for a rapist... but it wouldn't matter, odds are Ahnuld will be my states governor by tomorrow...
Pluto close up


He won... urge to get out of California... rising.

Not that I don't LIKE the man... just being cautious...
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