September 27th, 2003

Pluto close up


Last night was the devil...

Fucking stupid ass drunk people, truly do they ruin everything...
Pluto close up

Curse you, Kazaa!

You don't have "Sakura" by the... um... guy... who sang it on Hey Hey Hey whose name I can't even remember but the song was pretty and I've looked and it isn't there and I went to Yes Asia to look again and I typed in all the artists that it gave me and you still didn't find it!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I really do want that song, though.

Talking to my Nana for 2 and a half minutes... quite short, since I like to talk with her for about 10 *even more if its not on the phone, I just like being near her* but my evil bastard cousin in there so it was better to hang up than face talking to him.

Long story, maybe another time.
Pluto close up

Because I am damned bored...

I present to you a list, with snippets and grades, of every comic book I will HOPE to purchase next month... well, at least up to H, But, look at the list... it took a long time to type out it did... further musing to come later...

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