September 23rd, 2003

Pluto close up


Even though I have DSL at home, and am quite content with my DSL at home, I am still finding myself here on school computer, because I have hour and 45 minute break but do not feel like walking all the way back home to use DSL. So, I thought I would declare my creative writing minor today, and I probably still will, but when I went over there the lady was with somebody, so I'll go back around 1-ish and see if she's up to anything, since I need to declare my minor before I forget.

I also forgot to mention that I am now the proud owner of Sailor Moon seasons 1 and 2, 89 episodes... which is approx. 45% of the series, uncut, in japanese... and all mine!!! Add in the fact that I own all of S and the last 10 or so epis of Stars... I'm quite the moonie, ne?

Last night I was looking for Big Wolf on Campus fanfiction, because I was looking for something to do and thought, what the hell, why not.

Alas, nothing good during my search, but I have stated that when it comes to searching online I am among the most horrible of people in which to have looking.

And no one even commented on my poem, well, Ayl did, but like always he never does it in his LJ!!! Lazy bastard...