September 22nd, 2003

Pluto close up


.... okay, stupid, yes, I know, shoot me.

Nonetheless, I got DSL, and the world is a better place because of it.

FINE, maybe not, but I'm happy.

I'm gonna post this corny ass poem I wrote for my creative writing class later...
Pluto close up

Poem? On My Journal?


No, but what the hell, I feel like posting this, so I will.

AND NO, I wouldn't do this if it wasn't for a class, this is just to show that I don't ALWAYS do angst... damn it!


It’s time to say goodbye
You’ve been good to me, my friend
We’ve been through much together
Good times and bad
Now, I put you back in the chest
Close the lid on what we had
But I will always remember

My father created you just for me
Now your image is shared, adored, the world over
You have the chance to give others what you have given me
A friend when needed
Always where we left you
Never being anything but supportive

It never dawned on me back then
I’ll fondly recall the days I spent listening to your adventures
When you were mine
All mine
You were supposed to stay in the wood
But I now realize that you needed to grow

I shall always be mentioned in passing
Immortalized in song
You will live on
What will you do, my friend?
Count all the bees in the hive?
Chase all the clouds from the sky?
Whatever may come, you will always be to me what you originally were
My willy, silly, nilly, ole bear

See, quite angst free... riiiiiiiiight