September 18th, 2003

Pluto close up

Why am I getting a higher education?

This was the question that was posed to me by Angelica's sorority sister, after I insulted the organization in the ways that I do. Angelica asked me to sign up for some informational meeting, it was in jest, so I replied, not in jest, that I had better things to do, like stare at dry paint. Nonetheless Angelica then went and told her that I hated many MANY things, including frats, sororities, jocks, pretty boys, drunks, whores, druggies, rap fans, etc, etc, etc, etc *really, a long list*

So that's when she asked me why I was here.

As if you can only be here if you like to be a conformist and feel some false reason of, in my case, "brotherhood" and get stuck with a bunch of dumbasses who just want to act like they're still in high school.

It did get me thinking thought. As much as I HATE many things I have friends who are in some way or another involved with one or more of the things I hate. Hell, some of my best friends do stupid shit that I don't approve of *Harry Potter... *snicker* * but they're still really good friends. I mean, I respect the choices that people make with their lives, after all, it is THEIR life, not mine. I might not have to like it, and most times I don't, but I deal with it.

Because, really, if I didn't hang out with people who did ONE thing I didn't like, I would honestly have NO friends at all, I'm just THAT anal.

It's why I'm a circus freak, and probably why people do have this odd feeling of wanting to talk to me.

When I get the net back I'm going to get some new icons. I'm thinking of having Vanessa make one of Namie and have a message that says "Never Forget", since, you know, Namie still deserves the love!

My teacher apparently is okay, since it didn't say that class was cancelled today.
Pluto close up


Finding a job is the DEVIL, THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!! All good work study jobs are taken, the only one I can do requires me waking up at 7:30 in the morning to work for 5 hours, something I certainly do not want to do. Plus, I have to have excell knowledge, I've never used excell before in my life, needless to say, the job hunt, she is not working out that well...