September 16th, 2003

Pluto close up

Who likes it when classes get cancelled?

I do, I do!!!!!!! It's my creative writing class, though... which, despite the fact that we're doing poetry *blech* is still probably my favorite class, because the teacher is so great and she makes me laugh. She is sick, which is bad, because I don't want her to be sick, the old lady who teaches 124, maybe...

Anyway, Dillon got put on the collage of General Hospital!! Georgie didn't though, which is odd... but nonetheless, Dillon's like my favorite, he makes me laugh. Plus Alacazar, Lydia, and Stefan got put on it as well. Do I sound like a raving fangirl? Probably... but I digress. It's a good show... I feel kind of bad for making fun of Carlos so much back when he watched... but I'm STILL not as bad as he was... really. He would CUT school to watch and stuff, I only get to watch 3 days because I have class on Tues and Thurs, it makes me sad.

Oh, yeah, I ordered DSL... finally, I could have done it a long time ago, but here I thought I wouldn't have to since I agreed to take Cable and someone else was gonna get DSL, but I want DSL, and I'm sick of waiting, so I called. It should all be activated on monday, but I don't know if it will... I tend to have trouble with those things, much trouble...

Still, I no longer have to go to school to use the internet, and I can start doing my online activities one again, which includes sending in fics to update my site with and yadda yadda. Really, it is a good thing.